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Mathematics of Computation

Published by the American Mathematical Society since 1960 (published as Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation 1943-1959), Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics.

ISSN 1088-6842 (online) ISSN 0025-5718 (print)

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Contents of Volume 29, Number 131
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Maximum-norm interior estimates for Ritz-Galerkin methods
James H. Bramble, Joachim A. Nitsche and Alfred H. Schatz PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 677-688
A Galerkin method for a nonlinear Dirichlet problem
Jim Douglas and Todd Dupont PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 689-696
A Fourier method for the numerical solution of Poisson’s equation
Gunilla Sköllermo PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 697-711
Spectral approximation for compact operators
John E. Osborn PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 712-725
Polynomial interpolation to boundary data on triangles
R. E. Barnhill and J. A. Gregory PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 726-735
A nodal basis for $C^{1}$ piecewise polynomials of degree $n\geq 5$
John Morgan and Ridgway Scott PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 736-740
On comparing Adams and natural spline multistep formulas
David R. Hill PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 741-745
Bifurcation in difference approximations to two-point boundary value problems
Richard Weiss PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 746-760
A collocation method for two-point boundary value problems
J. H. Ahlberg and T. Ito PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 761-776
Computational investigations of least-squares type methods for the approximate solution of boundary value problems
Steven M. Serbin PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 777-793
Numerical solution for eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of a Hermitian kernel and an error estimate
E. Rakotch PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 794-805
Adaptive integration and improper integrals
Seymour Haber PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 806-809
Cubature formulas of degree nine for symmetric planar regions
Robert Piessens and Ann Haegemans PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 810-815
On Bairstow’s method for the solution of polynomial equations
Kenneth W. Brodlie PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 816-826
How to calculate shortest vectors in a lattice
U. Dieter PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 827-833
On lower and upper bounds of the difference between the arithmetic and the geometric mean
S. H. Tung PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 834-836
On the osculatory rational interpolation problem
Luc Wuytack PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 837-843
An efficient method for the discrete linear $L_{1}$ approximation problem
Nabih N. Abdelmalek PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 844-850
A partition formula for the integer coefficients of the theta function nome
Helaman Rolfe Pratt Ferguson, Dale E. Nielsen and Grant Cook PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 851-855
Low-order approximations for the normal probability integral and the error function
David G. Carta PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 856-862
On the distribution of the zeros of generalized Airy functions
V. B. Headley and V. K. Barwell PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 863-877
The zeros of regular Coulomb wave functions and of their derivatives
Yasuhiko Ikebe PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 878-887
An identity for simplifying certain generalized hypergeometric functions
Thomas J. Osler PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 888-893
Polynomial expansions
Jerry L. Fields and Mourad E. H. Ismail PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 894-902
Generalized $M$-matrices and applications
George D. Poole PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 903-910
An algorithm for finding the blocks of a permutation group
M. D. Atkinson PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 911-913
The second largest prime factor of an odd perfect number
Carl Pomerance PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 914-921
On the largest prime divisor of an odd perfect number. II
Peter Hagis and Wayne L. McDaniel PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 922-924
An equation of Mordell
Andrew Bremner PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 925-928
Multiply schemes and shuffling
M. Rosenblatt PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 929-934
Factoring multivariate polynomials over the integers
Paul S. Wang and Linda Preiss Rothschild PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 935-950
Elliptic curves over finite fields. II
I. Borosh, C. J. Moreno and H. Porta PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 951-964
Three elliptic curves with rank at least seven
David E. Penney and Carl Pomerance PDF
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 965-967
Reviews and Descriptions of Tables and Books
Math. Comp. 29 (1975), 968