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Contemporary Mathematics

Established in 1980, this series of high-quality, refereed proceedings written by recognized experts in their fields maintains high scientific standards. Volumes draw from worldwide conferences and symposia sponsored by the American Mathematical Society and other organizations.

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Volume Title
CONM/200 Mathematical Problems in the Theory of Water Waves - F. Dias, J.-M. Ghidaglia and J.-C. Saut, Editors
CONM/199 Algebraic $K$-Theory - Grzegorz Banaszak, Wojciech Gajda and Piotr Krasoń, Editors
CONM/198 Hamiltonian Dynamics and Celestial Mechanics - Donald G. Saari and Zhihong Xia, Editors
CONM/197 Matroid Theory - Joseph E. Bonin, James G. Oxley and Brigitte Servatius, Editors
CONM/196 Finsler Geometry - David Bao, Shiing-shen Chern and Zhongmin Shen, Editors
CONM/195 The Group Fixed by a Family of Injective Endomorphisms of a Free Group - Warren Dicks and Enric Ventura
CONM/194 Lie Algebras and Their Representations - Seok-Jin Kang, Myung-Hwan Kim and Insok Lee, Editors
CONM/193 Moonshine, the Monster, and Related Topics - Chongying Dong and Geoffrey Mason, Editors
CONM/192 Set Theory - Tomek Bartoszyński and Marion Scheepers, Editors