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Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society

The Memoirs of the AMS series is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The Memoirs is designed particularly to publish long papers or groups of cognate papers in book form, and is under the supervision of the Editorial Committee of the AMS journal Transactions of the AMS.

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Volume 124

Number Title
MEMO/0594 The fundamental lemma for the Shalika subgroup of ${\rm GL}(4)$ - Solomon Friedberg and Hervé Jacquet
MEMO/0593 Completely positive hypergroup actions - Ajit Iqbal Singh
MEMO/0592 Analytic deformations of the spectrum of a family of Dirac operators on an odd-dimensional manifold with boundary - P. Kirk and E. Klassen
MEMO/0591 Stratifying endomorphism algebras - Edward Cline, Brian Parshall and Leonard Scott
MEMO/0590 Degenerate principal series for symplectic and odd-orthogonal groups - Chris Jantzen

Volume 123

Number Title
MEMO/0589 Higher multiplicities and almost free divisors and complete intersections - James Damon
MEMO/0588 Degree $16$ standard $L$-function of ${\rm GSp}(2)\times {\rm GSp}(2)$ - Dihua Jiang
MEMO/0587 Wavelet methods for pointwise regularity and local oscillations of functions - Stéphane Jaffard and Yves Meyer
MEMO/0586 Crossed products with continuous trace - Siegfried Echterhoff

Volume 122

Number Title
MEMO/0585 The operator Hilbert space ${\rm OH}$, complex interpolation and tensor norms - Gilles Pisier
MEMO/0584 The real positive definite completion problem: cycle completability - Wayne W. Barrett, Charles R. Johnson and Raphael Loewy
MEMO/0583 Orders of a quartic field - Jin Nakagawa
MEMO/0582 Symmetric automorphisms of free products - Darryl McCullough and Andy Miller
MEMO/0581 Integrable systems and Riemann surfaces of infinite genus - Martin U. Schmidt

Volume 121

Number Title
MEMO/0580 Reductive subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups - Martin W. Liebeck and Gary M. Seitz
MEMO/0579 Lebesgue theory in the bidual of $C(X)$ - Samuel Kaplan
MEMO/0578 Global aspects of homoclinic bifurcations of vector fields - Ale Jan Homburg
MEMO/0577 Canard cycles and center manifolds - Freddy Dumortier and Robert Roussarie

Volume 120

Number Title
MEMO/0576 Factorizing the classical inequalities - Grahame Bennett
MEMO/0575 Tilting in abelian categories and quasitilted algebras - Dieter Happel, Idun Reiten and SmaløSverre O.
MEMO/0574 Symmetry breaking for compact Lie groups - Michael Field
MEMO/0573 An arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem for singular arithmetic surfaces - Wayne Aitken

Volume 119

Number Title
MEMO/0572 Inverse nodal problems: finding the potential from nodal lines - Ole H. Hald and Joyce R. McLaughlin
MEMO/0571 Intersection pairings on Conley indices - Henry L. Kurland
MEMO/0570 Discretization of homoclinic orbits, rapid forcing and “invisible” chaos - Bernold Fiedler and Jürgen Scheurle
MEMO/0569 Compact connected Lie transformation groups on spheres with low cohomogeneity. I - Eldar Straume
MEMO/0568 Solution of the truncated complex moment problem for flat data - Raúl E. Curto and Lawrence A. Fialkow

Volume 118

Number Title
MEMO/0567 On finite groups and homotopy theory - Ran Levi
MEMO/0566 Excluding infinite clique minors - Neil Robertson, Paul Seymour and Robin Thomas
MEMO/0565 Classification of direct limits of even Cuntz-circle algebras - Hua Xin Lin and N. Christopher Phillips
MEMO/0564 Shortest paths for sub-Riemannian metrics on rank-two distributions - Wensheng Liu and Héctor J. Sussman
MEMO/0563 (m)KdV solitons on the background of quasi-periodic finite-gap solutions - Fritz Gesztesy and Roman Svirsky
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