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AMS Summer Institutes

AMS Summer Institutes were multi-week gatherings on a single mathematics subject. They began in 1953 and were held annually for several decades. Starting in the 1990s, AMS Summer Institutes were held just once a decade, and have now been retired.

Below is archival information of the AMS Summer Institutes.


Algebraic Geometry
University of Utah, 13-31 July 2015
Organizing Committee: T. de Fernex, B. Hassett, M. Mustaţă, M. Olsson, M. Popa, R. Thomas

Publication: PSPUM, vol 97


Algebraic Geometry
University of Washington, Seattle, 25 July - August 12, 2005
Organizing Committee: D. Abramovich, V. Alexeev, A. Bertram, J. de Jong, L. Katzarkov, J. Li, R. Pandharipande, K. Smith, M. Thaddeus

Publication: PSPUM, vol 80


Algebraic Geometry
University of California, Santa Cruz, 9-29 July, 1995
Organizing Committee: H. Gillet, J. Kollár, R. Lazarsfeld (chair), R. MacPherson, D. Morrison, Y-T Siu

Publication: PSPUM, vol 62


Stochastic Analysis
Cornell University, 11-30, July 1993
Organizing Committee: M. Cranston (co-chair), R. Durrett (co-chair), M. Pinsky (co-chair)

Publication: PSPUM vol 57


Quadratic Forms and Division Algebras: Connections with algebraic K-theory and algebraic geometry
University of California, Santa Barbara, 6-24 July, 1992
Organizing Committee: R. Elman, B. Fein, W. Jacob (co-chair), T.Y. Lam, W. Raskind, A. Rosenberg (co-chair), D. Saltman, A. Wadsworth

Publication: PSPUM, vol 58


Algebraic Groups and Their Generalizations: Classical Methods
Pennsylvania State University, 6-26 July, 1991
Organizing Committee: I. Frenkel, W. Haboush (chair), J. Jantzen, B. Parshall

Publication: PSPUM, vol 56


Differential Geometry
University of California, Los Angeles, 8-28 July, 1990
Organizing Committee: R. Bryant, E. Calabi, S. Y. Cheng, R. Greene (co-chair), H. B. Lawson, H. Wu, S.T. Yau (co-chair)

Publication: PSPUM, vol 54


Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry
University of California, Santa Cruz, 10-30 July, 1989
Organizing Committee: E. Bedford, J. D'Angelo, R. Greene, S. Krantz (chair)

Publication: PSPUM vol 52


Operator Theory/Operator Algebras and Applications
University of New Hampshire, 3-23 July 1988
Organizing Committee: W. Arveson (co-chair), R. Douglas (co-chair), C. Foias, I. Gohberg, P. Lax, D. Sarason, B. Simon, D-V Voiculescu

Publication: PSPUM, vol 51


Theta Functions
Bowdoin College, 6-24 July 1987
Organizing Committee: L. Ehrenpreis (co-chair), R. Gunning (co-chair), E. Arbarello, D. Chudnovsky, G. Chudnovsky, T. Kawai, H. McKean

Publication: PSPUM, vol 49


Representations of Finite Groups and Related Topics
Humboldt State University 7-25 July 1986
Organizing Committee: J. Alperin (chair), C. Curtis, W. Feit, P. Fong

Publication: PSPUM, vol 47


Algebraic Geometry
Bowdoin College, 8-26 July 1985
Organizing Committee: D. Eisenbud (chair), S. Bloch, W. Fulton, D. Gieseker, J. Harris, R. Hartshorne, S. Mori

Publications: PSPUM, vol 46 Part 1
PSPUM, vol 46 Part 2


Geometric Measure Theory
Humboldt State University, 16 July-3 August 1984
Organizing Committee: W. Allard (co-chair), F. Almgren (co-chair), E. Bombieri, R. Hardt, H. Lawson, Jr., J. Pitts, R. Shoen, W. Ziemer

Publication: PSPUM, vol 44


Nonlinear functional analysis and its applications
University of California at Berkeley, 11-29 July 1983
Organizing Committee: F. Browder (chair), H. Brezis, Tosio Kato, J. Lions, L. Nirenberg, P. Rabinowitz

Publication: PSPUM, vol 45


Recursion Theory
Cornell University, 28 June-17 July 1982
Organizing Committee: A. Nerode (chair), R. Shore (co-chair), Feferman, Y. Moschovakis, H. Putnam, G. Sacks, J. Schoenfield, R. Soare

Publication: PSPUM, vol 42


Humboldt State University, 20 July-7 August 1981
Organizing Committee: P. Orlik (chair), P. Church, A. Durfee, M. Golubitsky, Le Due Trang, P. Wagreich

Publication: PSPUM, vol 40


Operator Algebras and Applications
Queen's University, 14 July-2 August 1980
Organizing Committee: R. Kadison (chair), R. Douglas, E. Effros, Powers, L. Pukanszky, E. Woods

Publication: PSPUM, vol 38


Finite Group Theory
University of California at Santa Cruz, 25 June-20 July 1979
Organizing Committee: D. Gorenstein (chair), J. Alperin, M. Aschbacher, N. Burgoyne, B. Cooperstein, G. Mason

Publication: PSPUM, vol 37


Harmonic Analysis in Euclidean Spaces and Related Topics
Williams College, 10-28 July 1978
Organizing Committee: S. Wainger (co-chair), G. Weiss (co-chair), D. Burkholder, A. Calderon, Y. Meyer, E. Stein, A. Zygmund

Publication: PSPUM, vol 35


Automorphic Forms, Representations, and L-Functions
Oregon State University, 11 July-5 August 1977
Organizing Committee: A. Borel (co-chair), W. Casselman (co-chair), P. Deligne, H. Jacquet, R. Langlands, J. Tate

Publication: PSPUM, vol 33


Algebraic and Geometric Topology
Stanford University, 2-21 August 1976
Organizing Committee: R. Milgram (chair), W. Browder (co-chair), E. Thomas (co-chair), R. Bott, P. Conner, R. Lashof, R. Kirby, D. Quillen, W. Thurston

Publication:PSPUM, vol 30


Algebraic Geometry
Humboldt State University, 29 July-16 August 1974
Organizing Committee: D. Mumford (chair), M. Artin, P. Griffiths, R. Hartshorne, H. Hironaka, N. Katz

Publication: PSPUM, vol 29


Differential Geometry
Stanford University, 30 July-17 August 1973
Organizing Committee: S. S. Chern (co-chair), R. Osserman (co-chair), R. Bott, E. Calabi, L. Green, S. Kobayashi, T. Milnor, B. O'Neill, J. Simons, I. Singer

Publication: PSPUM, vol 27


Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces
William College, 31 July-18 August 1972
Organizing Committee: C. C. Moore (chair), H. Furstenberg, S. Helgason, G. Hunt, B. Kostant, R. P. Langlands, G. Mackey, E. Stein

Publication:PSPUM, vol 26


Partial Differential Equations
University of California at Berkeley, 9-28 August 1971
Organizing Committee: L. Nirenberg (chair), A. Calderon, L. Hormander, C. Morrey, Jr., J. Serrin, I. Singer, D. Spencer

Publication: PSPUM, vol 23


Algebraic Topology
University of Wisconsin, 25 June-14 July 1970
Organizing Committee: A. Liulevicius (chair), W. Browder, E. Fadell, E. Floyd, P. Hilton, R. Lashof, M. Mahowald, R. Milgram, F. Peterson, J. Stasheff, E. Thomas

Publication: PSPUM, vol 22


Number Theory
SUNY at Stony Brook, 7 July- I August 1969
Organizing Committee: D. Lewis (chair), J. Ax, P. Bateman, K. Iwasawa, A. Selberg

Publication: PSPUM, vol 20


Global Analysis
University of California, Berkeley, 1-26 July 1968
Organizing Committee: S. S. Chern (co-chair), S. Smale (co-chair), F. Browder, L. Hormander, I. Singer



Axiomatic Set Theory
University of California, Los Angeles, 10 July-5 August 1967
Organizing Committee: A. Robinson, chairman, P. Cohen, D.S. Scott

Publication: PSPUM vol 13


Entire Functions and Related Parts of Analysis
University of California, San Diego, 27 June-22 July 1966
Organizing Committee: J. Korevaar (acting chair), A. Beurling, R. Boas (chair), L. Ehrenpreis, W. Fuchs, L. Rubel.

Publication: PSPUM, vol 11


Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups
University of Colorado, 5 July-6 August 1965
Organizing Committee: A. Borel (co-chair), G.D. Mostow (co-chair), Selberg, T. Tamagawa

Publication: PSPUM, vol 9


Algebraic Geometry
Woods Hole, 6-31 July 1964
Organizing Committee: 0. Zariski (chair), W. L. Chow, M. Rosenlicht, D. C. Spencer, J. Tate.


Differential and Algebraic Topology
University of Washington, 15 July-17 August 1963
Organizing Committee: N. Steenrod (chair), R. Bott, E. Dyer, J. Milnor.


Relativity and Differential Geometry
University of California, Santa Barbara, 18 June-13 July 1962
Organizing Committee: A. H. Taub (chair), W. Ambrose, S.S. Chern, C. Misner


Applications of Linear Operator Theory
Stanford University: 1-26 August 1961
Organizing Committee: P. Lax (chair), H. Helson, R. Phillips.


Group Theory
California Institute of Technology, 1-28 August 1960
Organizing Committee: R. Brauer, R. Bruck, H. MacDonald Coxeter, P. Dilworth, M. Hall, Jr. (chair), H. Ryser Editor: M. Hall, Jr.

Publication: PSPUM, vol 6


Number Theory
University of Colorado, 21 June-18 July 1959
Organizing Committee: B. Jones (chair), P. Bateman, Brauer, D. H. Lehmer, Ivan Niven, A. L. Whiteman


Surface Area and Related Topics
Bowdoin College, 16 June-11 July, 1958
Organizing committee: T. Rado (chair), L. C. Young, L. Cesari, H. Federer, J. Youngs


Mathematical Logic
Cornell University, July 1957
Organizing Committee: P. Halmos, S. Kleene, W. Quine, J. Rosser (chair), A. Tarski

Publication: Summaries of Talks Presented at the Summer Institute for Symbolic Logic, published by the Institute for Defense Analyses.


Differential Geometry in the Large
University of Washington, 18 June-27 July 1956
Organizing committee: C. Allendoerfer (chair), H. Busemann, S. S. Chern, J. Stoker

Publication: PSPUM vol 3


Set Theoretic Topology
University of Wisconsin, 24 July-20 August 1955 [several versions of dates are in the files]
Organizing committee: R. Bing, E. Begle, L. Cohen, G. Whybum, R. Wilder


Several Complex Variables
University of Colorado, 21 June-31 July 1954
Invitations Committee: S. Bochner (chair), D. C. Spencer (alternate chair), L. Bers, N. Hawley, O. Zariski

Publication: Bulletin of The American Mathematical Society 62 (1956), 79-141.


Lie Algebras and Lie Groups
Colby College, 20 June-31 July, 1953
Invitations committee: Nathan Jacobson (chair), C. Chevalley, M. Gleason

Publication: Memoirs, No. 14, consisting of five papers from the institute