Special Lectures

The AMS hosts a variety of special lectures at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, sectional meetings, and other conferences. They attract a wide range of participants, from research mathematicians to high school students.

The special lectures include:

  • AMS-MAA-SIAM Gerald and Judith Porter Lectures - presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings
  • AMS-MAA Joint Lectures at MathFests - presented at MAA MathFests
  • AMS-Sponsored Lectures at SIAM Meetings - presented at SIAM Annual Meetings
  • Arnold Ross Lectures - series of lectures given annually in different parts of the country for talented high school mathematics students. These lectures are intended to illustrate some recent development in mathematical research.and stimulate learning outside the classroom.
  • AWM-AMS Noether Lectures - one-hour expository lectures presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings each January. Emmy Noether was one of the great mathematicians of her time, someone who worked and struggled for what she loved and believed in. Her life and work remain a tremendous inspiration.
  • Colloquium Lectures - series of three lectures held on consecutive days during the Joint Mathematics Meetings.
  • Current Events Bulletin Lectures - presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Speakers do not report on their own work; they survey some of the most interesting current developments in pure and applied mathematics.
  • Einstein Public Lectures in Mathematics - given annually by distinguished mathematicians at one of the eight sectional meetings.
  • Erdős Memorial Lectures - annual invited addresses named for the prolific mathematician Paul Erdős and given at one of the eight sectional meetings.
  • Gibbs Lectures - public lectures given at the Joint Mathematics Meetings that are intended to enlighten the public about different aspects of mathematics and its applications.
  • Maclaurin Lectureship - a reciprocal exchange between the New Zealand Mathematical Society and American Mathematical Society. A New Zealand and a United States-based mathematician will tour each other's countries on alternate years, with the lecturers to be chosen by both societies.
  • Maryam Mirzakhani Lectures - invited addresses given at the Joint Mathematics Meetings to honor Fields medalist Maryam Mirzakhani.

See a list here of all joint lectures held with MAA at January meetings, dating back to 1986.

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