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Summer Math Camps and Programs for Students

Summer Math Camps are a unique opportunity for highly motivated and talented mathematical students to expand and supplement their mathematical horizons during the summer season. Such programs provide endless opportunities for mathematical exploration as students are guided by mathematical faculty and staff in fun and challenging environments. During the camps, students are presented with different types of mathematical problem-solving techniques which are aimed at enhancing their future mathematical and academic pursuits. 

Each camp is different so be sure to explore the options to find the right one for you or your child. Contact the leadership at each camp for questions about how their program might meet your needs.


Check out the Math Camp opportunities posted on our Mathematical Opportunities service. 


Message to Math Camp Directors:

THANK YOU for your valuable program. We have discontinued the webpage of Math Camp listings and are now requesting that you list your summer Math Camp or summer Program using our complimentary self-service Opportunities site. You can access this site here. 

This method of reaching students allows you the ability to provide a summary of your camp or program with links to your application site, which will generate interest in your summer opportunity. On this site, you create your own complimentary listing, which can be updated at any time; you will receive an annual email reminder about updating your listing each year. There are no fees for this service. Please add your program to this Opportunities site as soon as possible to allow prospective applicants to find it.

To reach an even broader audience, you might want to advertise your Math Camp and collect your applications online using the web service

For any questions or more information, contact our Programs Department