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AMS Presidents: A Timeline

Browse through the timeline to learn about AMS presidents since the Society's founding in 1888. Each page includes the president's institution and date of doctoral degree, a brief note about his/her academic career and honors, as well as links to more extensive biographical information and descriptions of mathematical work.

Thomas Scott FiskeThomas Fiske (pictured here) founded the American Mathematical Society in 1888 after he returned from Cambridge, England, inspired by its collegial and vibrant mathematical community.

The early AMS presidents had been awarded honorary PhDs, and several were born or trained outside the U.S. Some came from humble backgrounds, others from families of privilege. Some stayed at the same institution for decades; others traveled the world to do research, give talks, and represent the AMS. Most worked in academia, and a few worked in applied mathematics; some trained in well-known mathematics departments, others at small colleges. Some were quiet leaders, others outgoing and highly visible. All have in common an international recognition well beyond the mathematics community for their mathematical achievements and effective leadership.

  1. RIBET, Kenneth A., 2017-2018
  2. BRYANT, Robert L., 2015-2016
  3. VOGAN, David A. Jr., 2013-2014
  4. FRIEDLANDER, Eric M., 2011-2012
  5. ANDREWS, George E., 2009-2010
  6. GLIMM, James G., 2007-2008
  7. ARTHUR, James G., 2005-2006
  8. EISENBUD, David, 2003-2004
  9. BASS, Hyman, 2001-2002
  10. BROWDER, Felix E., 1999-2000
  11. JAFFE, Arthur M., 1997-1998
  12. MORAWETZ, Cathleen Synge, 1995-1996
  13. GRAHAM, Ronald L., 1993-1994
  14. ARTIN, Michael, 1991-1992
  15. BROWDER, William, 1989-1990
  16. MOSTOW, George Daniel, 1987-1988
  17. KAPLANSKY, Irving, 1985-1986
  18. ROBINSON, Julia Bowman, 1983-1984
  19. GLEASON, Andrew Mattei, 1981-1982
  20. LAX, Peter David, 1979-1980
  21. BING, R H, 1977-1978
  22. BERS, Lipman, 1975-1976
  23. MAC LANE, Saunders, 1973-1974
  24. JACOBSON, Nathan, 1971-1972
  25. ZARISKI, Oscar, 1969-1970
  26. MORREY, Charles Bradfield Jr., 1967-1968
  27. ALBERT, Abraham Adrian, 1965-1966
  28. DOOB, Joseph Leo, 1963-1964
  29. MONTGOMERY, Deane, 1961-1962
  30. MCSHANE, Edward James, 1959-1960
  31. BRAUER, Richard Dagobert, 1957-1958
  32. WILDER, Raymond Louis, 1955-1956
  33. WHYBURN, Gordon Thomas, 1953-1954
  34. VON NEUMANN, John, 1951-1952
  35. WALSH, Joseph Leonard, 1949-1950
  36. HILLE, Einar, 1947-1948
  37. HILDEBRANDT, Theophil Henry, 1945-1946
  38. STONE, Marshall Harvey, 1943-1944
  39. MORSE, Harold Calvin Marston, 1941-1942
  40. EVANS, Griffith Conrad, 1939-1940
  41. MOORE, Robert Lee, 1937-1938
  42. LEFSCHETZ, Solomon, 1935-1936
  43. COBLE, Arthur Byron, 1933-1934
  44. EISENHART, Luther Pfahler, 1931-1932
  45. HEDRICK, Earle Raymond, 1929-1930
  46. SNYDER, Virgil, 1927-1928
  47. BIRKHOFF, George David, 1925-1926
  48. VEBLEN, Oswald, 1923-1924
  49. BLISS, Gilbert Ames, 1921-1922
  50. MORLEY, Frank, 1919-1920
  51. DICKSON, Leonard Eugene, 1917-1918
  52. BROWN, Ernest William, 1915-1916
  53. VAN VLECK, Edward Burr, 1913-1914
  54. FINE, Henry Burchard, 1911-1912
  55. BÔCHER, Maxime, 1909-1910
  56. WHITE, Henry Seely, 1907-1908
  57. OSGOOD, William Fogg, 1905-1906
  58. FISKE, Thomas Scott, 1903-1904
  59. MOORE, Eliakim Hastings, 1901-1902
  60. WOODWARD, Robert Simpson, 1899-1900
  61. NEWCOMB, Simon, 1897-1898
  62. HILL, George William, 1895-1896
  63. MCCLINTOCK, John Emory, 1891-1894
  64. VAN AMRINGE, John Howard, 1888-1890

The AMS book series A Century of Mathematics in America , Part I, Part II, and Part III, edited by Peter Duren, puts the AMS presidents in historical context. The volumes contain chapters—several written by AMS presidents—about mathematics, mathematicians, university mathematics departments, and events during the period.

The following books also include information about or by AMS presidents: A Semicentennial History of the American Mathematical Society, 1888-1938, by Raymond Clare Archibald; Mathematics into the Twenty-First Century, edited by Felix E. Browder; A History of the Second Fifty Years, American Mathematical Society, 1939 - 1988, by Everett Pitcher; and Semicentennial Addresses of the American Mathematical Society.

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