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Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society

The Memoirs of the AMS series is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The Memoirs is designed particularly to publish long papers or groups of cognate papers in book form, and is under the supervision of the Editorial Committee of the AMS journal Transactions of the AMS.

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Volume 280

Number Title
MEMO/1385 Mackey Profunctors - D. Kaledin
MEMO/1384 Horocycle Dynamics: New Invariants and Eigenform Loci in the Stratum $\mathcal {H}$(1,1) - Matt Bainbridge, John Smillie and Barak Weiss
MEMO/1383 Partial Compactification of Monopoles and Metric Asymptotics - Chris Kottke and Michael Singer
MEMO/1382 Hypergeometric functions over finite fields - Jenny Fuselier, Ling Long, Ravi Kumar Ramakrishna, Holly Swisher and Fang-Ting Tu
MEMO/1381 Asymptotic Spreading for General Heterogeneous Fisher-KPP Type Equations - Henri Berestycki and Grégoire Nadin
MEMO/1380 Adiabatic Evolution and Shape Resonances - Michael Hitrik, Andrea Mantile and Johannes Sjoestrand
MEMO/1379 A Probabilistic Approach to Classical Solutions of the Master Equation for Large Population Equilibria - Jean-François Chassagneux, Dan Crisan and François Delarue
MEMO/1378 One-Dimensional Dyadic Wavelets - Peter M. Luthy, Hrvoje Šikić, Fernando Soria, Guido L. Weiss and Edward N. Wilson

Volume 279

Number Title
MEMO/1377 Dynamics Near the Subcritical Transition of the 3D Couette Flow II: Above Threshold Case - Jacob Bedrossian, Pierre Germain and Nader Masmoudi
MEMO/1376 Intrinsic Approach to Galois Theory of $q$-Difference Equations - Lucia Di Vizio, Charlotte Hardouin and Anne Granier
MEMO/1375 Factorizations of Almost Simple Groups with a Solvable Factor, and Cayley Graphs of Solvable Groups - Cai Heng Li and Binzhou Xia
MEMO/1374 Coefficient Systems on the Bruhat-Tits Building and Pro-$p$ Iwahori-Hecke Modules - Jan Kohlhaase
MEMO/1373 Maximal Functions, Littlewood–Paley Theory, Riesz Transforms and Atomic Decomposition in the Multi-parameter Flag Setting - Yongsheng Han, Ming-Yi Lee, Ji Li and Brett D. Wick
MEMO/1372 Floer cohomology and flips - François Charest and Chris T. Woodward

Volume 278

Number Title
MEMO/1371 Cancellation for Surfaces Revisited - H. Flenner, S. Kaliman and M. Zaidenberg
MEMO/1370 Decorated Dyck Paths, Polyominoes, and the Delta Conjecture - Michele D’Adderio, Alessandro Iraci and Anna Vanden Wyngaerd
MEMO/1369 Type II Blow Up Solutions with Optimal Stability Properties for the Critical Focussing Nonlinear Wave Equation on $\mathbb {R}^{3+1}$ - Stefano Burzio and Joachim Krieger
MEMO/1368 Subset currents on surfaces - Dounnu Sasaki
MEMO/1367 Theta functions on varieties with effective anti-canonical class - Mark Gross, Paul Hacking and Bernd Siebert
MEMO/1366 Archimedean zeta integrals for $GL(3)\times GL(2)$ - Miki Hirano, Taku Ishii and Tadashi Miyazaki

Volume 277

Number Title
MEMO/1365 Souslin quasi-orders and bi-embeddability of uncountable structures - Alessandro Andretta and Luca Motto Ros
MEMO/1364 Non-semisimple extended topological quantum field theories - Marco De Renzi
MEMO/1363 Brownian regularity for the Airy line ensemble, and multi-polymer watermelons in Brownian last passage percolation - Alan Hammond
MEMO/1362 The canonical ring of a stacky curve - John Voight and David Zureick-Brown
MEMO/1361 On the symplectic type of isomorphisms of the $p$-torsion of elliptic curves - Nuno Freitas and Alain Kraus
MEMO/1360 Local $L^p$-Brunn–Minkowski inequalities for $p < 1$ - Alexander V. Kolesnikov and Emanuel Milman

Volume 276

Number Title
MEMO/1359 Positive Gaussian Kernels also Have Gaussian Minimizers - Franck Barthe and Paweł Wolff
MEMO/1358 Abelian networks IV. Dynamics of nonhalting networks - Swee Hong Chan and Lionel Levine
MEMO/1357 Tunneling estimates and approximate controllability for hypoelliptic equations - Camille Laurent and Matthieu Léautaud
MEMO/1356 Cubic Action of a Rank one Group - Matthias Grüninger
MEMO/1355 Maximal $\mathrm {PSL}_2$ Subgroups of Exceptional Groups of Lie Type - David A. Craven
MEMO/1354 Isoperimetric inequalities in unbounded convex bodies - Gian Paolo Leonardi, Manuel Ritoré and Efstratios Vernadakis
MEMO/1353 Arthur packets for $p$-adic groups by way of microlocal vanishing cycles of perverse sheaves, with examples - Clifton L. R. Cunningham, Andrew Fiori, Ahmed Moussaoui, James Mracek and Bin Xu

Volume 275

Number Title
MEMO/1352 Tits polygons - Bernhard Mühlherr, Richard Weiss and Holger P. Petersson
MEMO/1351 On the Asymptotics to all Orders of the Riemann Zeta Function and of a Two-Parameter Generalization of the Riemann Zeta Function - Athanassios S. Fokas and Jonatan Lenells
MEMO/1350 Sutured ECH is a natural invariant - Çağatay Kutluhan, Steven Sivek and C. H. Taubes
MEMO/1349 The Yang-Mills heat equation with finite action in three dimensions - Leonard Gross
MEMO/1348 The Brunn-Minkowski Inequality and A Minkowski Problem for Nonlinear Capacity - Murat Akman, Jasun Gong, Jay Hineman, John Lewis and Andrew Vogel
MEMO/1347 Instability, index theorem, and exponential trichotomy for Linear Hamiltonian PDEs - Zhiwu Lin and Chongchun Zeng