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From the Editor

Most fitting celebrations of April as Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month are the AMS prize announcements, the Spring Sectional Meetings (sampled herein for all), and the Association for Women in Mathematics 2017 Research Symposium (also sampled herein). After an article tracing the history of Mathematics Awareness Month back to World War II, we have a report from IMAGINARY on how to share mathematics with the world, followed by two opinion pieces: one on the National Math Festival and the public's understanding of math, and the other on increasing student awareness of the value of statistical literacy and potential careers in statistics. The BackPage announces the January caption contest winner and the new April contest. Celebrate with us, and add your own contributions to the commentary on the Notices webpage. —Frank Morgan, Editor-in-Chief


From the AMS Secretary


Graduate Students

April 2017
Volume 64 · Issue 04

An Interview with Vladimir Arnold, by S. H. Lui

In this wide-ranging interview, legendary mathematician V. I. Arnold (1937-2010) discusses his early mathematical training, mathematics in the Soviet Union, and different cultures in mathematics. Famous for his strong opinions, Arnold voices many of them here, in his characteristically provocative style.

American Mathematical Society