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AMS Notices: March 2017
New AMS Blog: inclusion/exclusion - a blog about underrepresented groups in mathematics
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Introducing AMS MathViewer
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New MathSciNet Search FeaturesE7 Plane by John Stembridge

MathSciNet is ringing in the new year with some great new search features. Read about them at Beyond Reviews.

Introducing AMS Open Math NotesOpen Math Notes

Open Math Notes is a repository of course notes, textbooks, and research expositions in progress, all freely available and ideal for use as teaching and research aids.

AMS MathViewer -- Read Journal Articles on Any Device

AMS MathViewer is an interactive, dual-panel reading experience now available for select AMS journals. MathViewer's responsive HTML format perfectly renders mathematical content on all devices.

AMS Staff in the News

Image by Kabir Bakie via Wikimedia CommonsAMS Associate Executive Director Robert Harington has joined the Board of Directors of CHORUS, a nonprofit fostering public access to scholarly content reporting on funded research.  Read more about CHORUS.

Featured Publication

Pushing Limits: From West Point to Berkeley & BeyondPushing Limits: From West Point to Berkeley & Beyond
Ted Hill
Recounting the unique odyssey of a noted mathematician who overcame military hurdles at West Point, Army Ranger School, and the Vietnam War, this is the tale of an academic career as noteworthy for its offbeat adventures as for its teaching and research accomplishments.

From Frenet to Cartan: The Method of Moving Frames, by Jeanne Clelland From Frenet to Cartan: The Method of Moving Frames
Jeanne N. Clelland
Written in a reader-friendly style, this introduction to the method of moving frames as developed by Cartan includes detailed guidance regarding the use of computer algebra system Maple™ in performing many of the computations involved in the book's exercises.

From Groups to Geometry and Back by Vaughn Climenhaga and Anatole KatokFrom Groups to Geometry and Back
Vaughn Climenhaga
Anatole Katok
While exploring the connections between group theory and geometry, this book introduces some of the main ideas of transformation groups, algebraic topology, and geometric group theory.

Bulletin of the AMS

Bulletin of the AMS Generalizations of Fourier analysis, and how to apply them
( view abstract )
Generalizations of Fourier analysis, and how to apply them
This is a survey of the use of Fourier analysis in additive combinatorics, with a particular focus on situations where it cannot be straightforwardly applied but needs to be generalized first. Sometimes very satisfactory generalizations exist, while sometimes we have to make do with theories that have some of the desirable properties of Fourier analysis but not all of them. In the latter case, there are intriguing hints that there may be more satisfactory theories yet to be discovered. This article grew out of the Colloquium Lectures at the Joint Meeting of the AMS and the MAA, given in Seattle in January 2016.

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