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The Scholarly Kitchen

by Robert M. Harington D. Phil.
The American Mathematical Society recently began an organization-wide strategic planning effort to gain a sense of how mathematicians use online resources, the AMS using a qualitative, ethnographic approach.  Find out more at the Scholarly Kitchen.

Featured Publication

Tensor Categories
Pavel Etingof, Shlomo Gelaki, , Dmitri Nikshych, and Victor Ostrik
This book gives a systematic introduction to the theory of tensor categories and a review of its applications.


Really Big Numbers
Richard Evan Schwartz
Winner of two MSRI Mathical Books for Kids from Tots to Teens Awards in grades 3-5 and 6-8! Congratulations!


Mathematical Models in Developmental Biology
Jerome K. Percus and Stephen Childress
These notes introduce a set of mathematical models that offer an effective way of incorporating reliable data in a concise form, provide an approach complementary to the techniques of molecular biology, and help to inform and direct future research.

Bulletin of the AMS

Bulletin of the AMS $L^p$ theory for outer measures and two themes of Lennart Carleson united
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$L^p$ theory for outer measures and two themes of Lennart Carleson united
We develop a theory of $ L^p$ spaces based on outer measures generated through coverings by distinguished sets. The theory includes as a special case the classical $ L^p$ theory on Euclidean spaces as well as some previously considered generalizations. The theory is a framework to describe aspects of singular integral theory, such as Carleson embedding theorems, paraproduct estimates, and $ T(1)$ theorems. It is particularly useful for generalizations of singular integral theory in time-frequency analysis, the latter originating in Carleson's investigation of convergence of Fourier series. We formulate and prove a generalized Carleson embedding theorem and give a relatively short reduction of the most basic $ L^p$ estimates for the bilinear Hilbert transform to this new Carleson embedding theorem.

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