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From the Editor

April is Math Awareness Month on the theme of “The Future of Prediction”; with that topic in mind we provide some essays from Lisa R. Goldberg and Olle Häggström, as well as greetings from some of our fellow math societies around the world. But first, our cover feature by Alice Barbara Tumpach provides the latest on modeling surfaces. You can see much more in the contents below, right up to the Back Page, which contains a new caption contest and the announcement of January’s caption contest winner. You can post general comments and suggestions for this and future issues below. —Frank Morgan, Editor-in-Chief


From the AMS Secretary


Graduate Students

April 2016
Volume 63 · Issue 04

20 Years Ago in The Notices

"Group Representations and Harmonic Analysis from Euler to Langlands", by Anthony W. Knapp (Notices, April 1996). Master expositor Knapp traces the threads of contemporary research in harmonic analysis back to the eighteenth century (the first of a two-part article).

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