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The American Mathematical Society is pleased to partner with Mathematics of Planet Earth, a program of research institutes, scientific societies, universities, and foundations around the globe. Below are some resources on mathematics and the environment to inform and inspire:

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See how math is connected to understanding our planet and its many dynamic processes.

Mathematical Moments

See more Mathematical Moments related to human systems, management and networks.

Articles in Notices of the AMS

AMS Books

Mathematical Modelling Portraits of the Earth Modelling in Healthcare

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Feature Columns

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Math in the Media

Blogs on Chaos theory and weather forecasting

Mathematics Calendar

See--and submit--listings of upcoming workshops and meetings related to Mathematics of Planet Earth. The listings appear online and in Notices of the AMS.

Mathematics Awareness Month April 2013

The theme for 2013 was Mathematics of Sustainability. See the theme announcement and poster, essays and related resources.

Past Mathematics Awareness Month themes:


2013 Joint Mathematics Meetings

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The 2013 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego, CA, was part of the Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 initiative. See the related talks, sessions and events, which were also identified in the printed JMM program with the Mathematics of Planet Earth logo.